About us


Our mission is to place solution oriented leaders, that will not forget their oath to the Constitution, into political office so America can once again be the nation it has always been- Strong, Fair, Just.

We believe in Liberty, Justice and Freedom. Even though our name is the Veterans’ Party of America, as with any other legitimate political party in the United States, there is no requirement for any member of this party to have served in the military or currently be serving on active duty, nor is there any requirement for members of this party to be associated with any military organization or facility.

The Veterans’ Party Of America was formed when Congress chose to balance the budget by reducing the cost of living allowance for military retirees, including those medically retired after sustaining injuries during combat with the enemy. Our founders were discussing the budget that cut these benefits in a Facebook Army Tanker Group. That day, The Veterans Party Of America was formed. The founders started the National Party and their respective states of California and Florida. It was expected that a couple hundred people would be interested at the end of the first month.

At the end of our first month, the Veterans’ Party Of America National Party Page had over 14,000 Facebook followers, 43 states with an activated State Party, the EIN received from the IRS, an approved and posted 527 status as a National Political Party and a full Executive Committee formed, The Party Constitution and Party By Laws passed without opposition, by the National Executive Committee. The Constitution and By Laws are being forwarded to the States for ratification..

Our Party Platform is being developed at this time. We are not planning to just base it on the opinions of a few people. We have asked for input from our Facebook followers and are creating a platform based on the common ground all Veterans learned to find with solutions to the problems now facing America. We maintain that our Oath To Uphold The Constitution remain our highest priority.

There is not a requirement to have served in the military, or have any affiliation with the military or any facilities, to become a member of the Veterans’ Party Of America.

Email:   flcvpa@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.veteranspartyofamerica.org/